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“I think it’s pretty clear that any automobile tariff would likely have bigger knock-on effects through the global economy than what we see from the U.S.-China conflict.”. The WTO did not make a specific prediction about the impact of Brexit, but Koopman said in the worst case it would help push global trade growth down to the bottom end of the WTO’s forecast range in 2019, 1.3 to 4.0 percent. “The UK’s own analysis suggests that ‘no deal’ or ‘hard Brexit’ would shave 7.6 percent off British GDP. That would be a big number. It would force our numbers down to that lower part of our range,” Koopman said.

“If we end up in the fall with a revision, my guess is the likelihood of a revision is that it’s downward, based vintage enamel cufflinks on any number of factors from Brexit to no resolution in the U.S.-China trade conflict, and other trade conflicts going on.”, Although the volume of global trade grew only slowly in 2018, the dollar value rose 10 percent to $19.48 trillion, partly because oil prices rose 20 percent, the WTO said, The value of commercial services trade grew by 8 percent to $5.80 trillion in 2018, driven by strong import growth in Asia..

MILAN (Reuters) - Exor, the holding company of the Agnelli family, remains committed to Fiat Chrysler (FCA), chairman John Elkann said, in comments that may dampen speculation the Italian carmaker could be the target of a takeover. “Our permanence in the capital of FCA has given its successive leadership teams the latitude to plan for the long term rather than having to react to daily pressures,” John Elkann, who is also Fiat Chrysler chairman, said in a letter to Exor shareholders published late on Monday.

“This approach and mindset remain as relevant to us today as ever and our commitment to FCA and to participating in its bold and profitable future is also unchanged.”, Exor, Fiat’s biggest shareholder with a stake of 29 percent, has been diversifying its asset base in recent years after buying U.S, reinsurer PartnerRe in 2015, Media reports vintage enamel cufflinks last month said France’s Renault wanted to restart merger talks with Japan’s Nissan Motor, within 12 months, after which it could be eyeing a bid for Fiat..

The president of Peugeot family holding company FFP said he would support a new deal and suggested Fiat Chrysler was among the options. Elkann said the next 20 years in the car industry were set to witness a great level of change and suggested the Agnelli family, the founders of Fiat, would not passively stand by. “We are determined that we and Fiat Chrysler will play our part actively and ambitiously in this new and exciting era,” he said in the letter. After the death of former CEO Sergio Marchionne last year, speculation about the future of Fiat Chrysler has intensified.

BOSTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Some environmentally focused investors are not ready to buy into Lyft Inc or vintage enamel cufflinks Uber Technologies Inc, worried about the climate impact of this year’s two most closely watched initial public offerings, Both companies hope to push people away from car ownership and promote shared and sustainable transportation services, among their many ambitions that have already reshaped traffic in major U.S, cities, Lyft began trading on Friday and its larger rival Uber will kick off its IPO this month, though neither has shown itself to be profitable and shares of Lyft sank below their initial price of $72 on Monday..

Academics and city planners are still studying whether the companies will help reduce carbon emissions by making better use of existing vehicle fleets, or increase them by clogging traffic and diverting riders from trains and buses. But even as the companies argue congestion has many causes including growing city populations, some investors cite early indications that ride-hailing technology puts more, not fewer, cars on the road. “As far as I can tell, they’re actually putting more cars into the congested areas, and they’re pulling business out of the transit systems,” said Murray Rosenblith, portfolio manager of the New Alternatives Fund, which aims to make socially responsible investments.

“This is not an area where New Alternatives is going to get engaged,” Rosenblith said, vintage enamel cufflinks Joshua Brockwell, a director at Azzad Asset Management, which also factors environmental issues into investment decisions, said both companies also face the issue of drivers “deadheading,” or driving around in between fares, While both also aim to reduce private car ownership, he said, “that’s a not an eco-friendly goal in and of itself, It’s overall ‘miles traveled’ and carbon emissions that count.”..

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