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“The market is going to welcome this report, as a not too hot, not too cold sort of environment where growth remains healthy and strong, while central banks don’t have to aggressively tighten policy to tackle an aggressive inflation backdrop. It’s a pretty constructive report.”. “It’s a good report. It made it clear what happened last month was an aberration. On the construction side, it added 16,000 jobs and the prior month’s number was revised up so that’s good news on the supply side for housing. Overall I think recession fears have been overblown. I expect this will bump up mortgage rates only a little a bit so there should be a further strengthening in mortgage application activity after what we saw last week. People should be able do some cash-out refinancing to renovate and do repairs on their current homes. Wages are not robust, but it’s above their long-term average. The Fed won’t be worried about inflation from wages, but it will put a floor in the market that they need to cut rates.”.

WIN THIN, GLOBAL HEAD OF CURRENCY STRATEGY, BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, NEW YORK, “It’s a pretty mixed report, The headline was a little bit better than expected, February was revised up slightly, but obviously the average hourly earnings was a big disappointment, The key for the Fed is they need to see inflation before they feel comfortable resuming their hikes and the key to inflation is some more wage pressures, and we just haven’t seen it, It’s been kind of tiffany cufflinks amazon trying to pick up but it really hasn’t taken off the way you’d expect now that we’re near full employment, So it’s a mixed report, I think the market’s just kind of scratching its head, The takeaway for me is that it basically means steady as she goes.”..

RICK MECKLER, PARTNER, CHERRY LANE INVESTMENTS, NEW VERNON, NEW JERSEY. “That’s a pretty strong number. It’s slightly higher than I expected. It’s certainly within the range of what people were predicted. It’s probably pretty much discounted into current market levels. The key for this market has been continued growth without higher interest rates. A number that indicates continued growth but isn’t high enough to force the Fed to raise rates is what the market’s looking for.”.

“We’ve had six straight up days so the question is whether this isn’t already baked in to current levels.”, “The real focus of this market remains on the China negotiations, Its the only outstanding piece that could really break the market to significant new highs.”, “Investors have already taken into account the fact that the economy seems tiffany cufflinks amazon to be on path, They’re particularly encouraged that the Fed doesn’t seem interested in raising rates but that the President is so aggressively pushing them not to raise rates.”..

“The mystery is a little bit why wage growth isn’t stronger. It’s hard to fully understand the lack of strength in hourly earnings. Maybe there will be a delayed reaction to this .. or maybe it says something about the ability of a global economy to keep wages in check in any one country.”. JJ KINAHAN, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, TD AMERITRADE, CHICAGO. “It does seem back to normal. You saw a bounce obviously in a lot of things and it looked more normal to me. Healthcare adding a lot of jobs, we continue to see that in professional and technical services – those have been the two strongest areas of the employment market over the last year – and they both continues to do very well. Last month some of it was maybe weather related and with food services and drinking places adding 27,000 jobs, probably puts a little bit of credence in that. Along that same line the one number that disappoints me a little bit is construction because if we bounced back on that we should have also bounced backed on construction jobs too given a weather improvement.

“Wage gains were tepid is the best way you could say it and the participation rate down slightly, tiffany cufflinks amazon so we will see if that comes back, (Futures rose) because we wanted to make sure we were going to bounce back, that it was an anomaly we saw in that last jobs report and this was even better than expectation, I don’t think it changes the Fed’s position, it just says, hey we are on the path we all thought we were, That is a good thing.”, JOE MANIMBO, SENIOR MARKET ANALYST, WESTERN UNION BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, WASHINGTON..

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Tokyo court approved on Friday a request by prosecutors to detain Carlos Ghosn for 10 days for further questioning, rejecting an appeal by the ousted Nissan boss’ lawyer to free him as he fights charges against financial misconduct. The Tokyo District Court said it had approved the request by prosecutors to detain Ghosn until April 14. The decision was widely expected after prosecutors arrested Ghosn for the fourth time at his Tokyo apartment on Thursday. Prosecutors re-arrested Ghosn on suspicion the former Nissan Motor and Renault SA boss had tried to enrich himself to the tune of $5 million at Nissan’s expense.

In a tiffany cufflinks amazon statement on Thursday, Ghosn said he was innocent of the “groundless charges and accusations” against him, The once-feted executive, who has said he is the victim of a boardroom coup, also called the latest arrest an attempt to silence him, The Ghosn scandal has rocked the global auto industry and strained ties between Nissan and its global alliance partner Renault, It has also shone a harsh light on Japan’s judicial system, Thursday’s arrest came 30 days after Ghosn was released on $9 million bail from a Tokyo detention center, Legal experts have characterized the move as rare for someone already released on bail..

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