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“The goal is to reduce the gap among children, many of whom do not have access to technology resources,” said Library Program Manager Judith Klikun, who oversees the digital literacy program for Spruce students at the Library Department’s Community Learning Center, in an email statement. “Our digital program integrates the use of laptops and computer technology into the homework program, equipping out students with the appropriate skills, knowledge and resources to self-educate using the Internet for years to come.”.

A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics grant from pointe shoe fitting the San Mateo County Office of Education funds the program, Camara Education Inc, (www.Camara.org) provided 93 refurbished laptops for student and instructors, and both Camara.org and The Miller Institute for Learning with Technology (www.Learningtech.org) developed the curriculum that integrates education resources and learning apps into regular academic activities, The Parks and Recreation Department’s after-school programs for Los Cerritos and Martin students also featured a Coding for Kids component presented by Learningtech.com..

The Internet-era twist on the old maxim is the lesson that technology entrepreneur Greg Isenberg learned from the cyberattack that ravaged Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer network last month, sending thousands of sensitive email exchanges into the public domain as the studio, under threat, fretted over whether to release “The Interview.”. Isenberg, who runs a popular video-watching app called 5by, lost control of his email account in June after a fraudulent message lured him to a malicious website resembling YouTube. The hacker reset Isenberg’s PayPal password, drained his account and found his Social Security number in another email. Immediately after, Isenberg changed his passwords and turned on two-step authentication so someone would need to know his password and have his smartphone to log into his accounts.

The Sony breach spooked him again, though, He toughened up each of his key passwords to a Ft, Knox standard this time pointe shoe fitting around, said Isenberg, a self-described “double-neurotic.”, “I felt so burned in June and then sad with what happened to Sony,” he said, “We take for granted that our data is all secure, It reminded us all that we’re all subject to this.”, The public airing of Sony’s dirty email laundry — along with nearly 50,000 Social Security numbers, salary information and movies still under wraps — lifted paranoia about security across the business world..

Frank Mong, general manager of enterprise security solutions at Hewlett-Packard Co., called the breach a watershed moment: Sensitive Sony files being held hostage by hackers represent a new threat. “That is concerning not just for the movie industry but for all industries within the U.S. economy or world economy,” he said. Cybersecurity experts say most companies will wait a couple of months for the post-breach chaos at Sony to settle before deciding whether their computer policies need modifying. But some executives see no reason to tarry.

David Angelo, founder pointe shoe fitting and chairman of El Segundo advertising agency David & Goliath, has shifted his routines to let his lips do as much talking as possible instead of e-mailing, His simmering frustration with complicated email threads was bad enough; security concerns pushed him over the edge, Recently, he called together six people for a meeting rather than let one of those confusing electronic conversations weave on, “The power of a company will always come down to the day-to-day interaction between people,” Angelo said..

He’d been considering an “email etiquette forum” for his 200 employees early next year; the situation at Sony pushed him to follow through. Change will start at the top. Important company announcements won’t be delivered via a medium Angelo sees as devoid of flavor, feeling and body language. “Let’s do it in person because when it’s sent out in a companywide email you’re not feeling the intent and passion of the top people in the company,” he said.

The cyberattack is leading pointe shoe fitting Hewlett-Packard to bulk up its training, using Sony as a case study, Mong said, The latest teachable moment for employees will push the old adage of “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it” in corporate correspondence, “Now you have to operate under the mind-set that my email is not confidential,” Mong said, “We should all live with a little more paranoia when we do these things — ask, ‘Is this really legitimate?’ Should I really be clicking that?” he said..

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