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(Reuters) - Broadcom Ltd made an $18.9 billion bid for software firm CA Inc on Wednesday, the latest in the company’s acquisition spree aimed at diversifying beyond semiconductors. The deal, which took Wall Street analysts by surprise, came after U.S. President Donald Trump stopped the company from trying to buy Qualcomm earlier this year. Chief Executive Officer Hock Tan has made Broadcom a juggernaut in the chip space, pushing its market share this year in the sector to 30 percent from just 4 percent in 2013.

As CEO of Avago, Tan pulled off the acquisition of Broadcom in a $37 billion deal more than two years earlier, bringing the two companies under one umbrella name of Broadcom, At that time, it was the largest-ever chip deal, Below is a timeline of Avago’s/Broadcom’s major deals in the past six years, July 11, 2018Broadcom says it would buy U.S, business software company CA Inc louis philippe cufflinks for $18.9 billion, venturing far beyond its realm of semiconductors, Nov, 6, 2017, Broadcom made an unsolicited $103 billion bid for Qualcomm Inc, setting the stage for a takeover battle that could reshape the industry at the heart of mobile phone hardware..

After a months-long tussle, the Broadcom and Qualcomm saga comes to an abrupt end, when in February 2018 Broadcom withdrew its bid to acquire Qualcomm, two days after U.S. President Donald Trump blocked the attempt, citing national security concerns. Nov. 2, 2016. Broadcom said it would buy network gear maker Brocade Communications Systems Inc for $5.5 billion in cash, to expand its fibre channel and storage businesses. May 28, 2015. Avago Technologies Ltd agreed to buy Broadcom Corp for $37 billion in the largest merger of chipmakers ever, turning a lesser known company run by a ferocious dealmaker into one of the biggest industry players.

Feb, 25, 2015, Avago said it would buy Emulex Corp for $764 million, in a bid to extend Broadcom’s presence in storage networks into fiber channel technology, Dec, 16, 2013, Avago said it would buy LSI louis philippe cufflinks Corp for $6.6 billion, as it turns to the fast-growing storage chip market to counter volatility in its main wireless business, April 11, 2013, Avago Technologies Ltd said it will buy optical chip and component maker CyOptics Inc for about $400 million in cash, To view a graphic on Broadcom deal history under CEO Hock Tan, click: reut.rs/2JmlC4e..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday that while he does not support President Donald Trump’s moves to impose tariffs on major U.S. trading partners’ goods, he questioned the wisdom of Congress taking legislative action to stop such sanctions. “What’s more effective and constructive is to work with the administration to get the policy in a good place and that’s what we’re doing,” Ryan said in response to a reporter’s question. “I think that’s going to be more effective than trying to pass a piece of legislation that will not make it into law,” he added.

At his weekly news conference, louis philippe cufflinks Ryan noted that there is a “difference of opinion” over trade policy and added that Republican leaders in Congress “engage with the administration daily.”, U.S, farmers and other businesses in states that strongly supported Trump’s election in 2016 have expressed concerns that their exports could be damaged by a trade war with China or European nations, That has prompted some in Congress, including Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, to push legislation to give Congress a stronger role in the president’s decisions to impose tariffs for national security reasons..

Ryan’s remarks reflected the difficulty Corker and others could have in getting enough support in the Republican-controlled Congress to defy Trump by placing new constraints on his ability to levy trade tariffs. Even if such a bill did pass, Trump could veto it, setting up a standoff between warring factions in the Republican Party shortly before the November midterm elections that will determine whether Democrats take over either the House of Representatives or the Senate. On Wednesday the Senate, by an overwhelming 88-11 vote, approved a nonbinding measure by Corker and two other Republicans that would give Congress tougher oversight of Trump’s imposition of certain tariffs.

This week, Trump threatened 10 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, If they were to go into effect later this year, they would be louis philippe cufflinks on top of tariffs that Washington triggered on July 7 on $34 billion worth of Chinese exports, China has retaliated and in Geneva on Thursday, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen called on the United States to stand down, He called Washington “a trade bully” in remarks to reporters, In Washington, U.S, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Congress that the two trading partners could resume trade talks if Beijing signaled a willingness to make “structural changes” in its policies..

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