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Firefly arguably stole the show. The feature -- which has its own dedicated button -- recognizes QR codes and music, and can list Amazon prices and direct buying links. And it does so much more: point the app at a scrap of paper, and it'll scan phone numbers for you to call. Point it at a work of art at a museum, and you'll get a Wikipedia entry for the piece. Let it listen in while you're watching TV, and you'll get details direct from Amazon-owned IMDB. Snap a photo of a product with Firefly, and there's a good chance Amazon will be able to track it down -- and sell it to you.

Another curio: Dynamic Perspective, which is powered by the bevvy of cameras populating the front of the phone. There's a iphone screen protector reduce sensitivity camera on each corner as well as a center front-facing camera, and they're tasked with knowing where your eyes are at all times, You'll be able to control much of the phone with tilting gestures: scrolling through web pages or books, or pan around the map, and the phone's tech will (ideally) give you the best perspective with nifty 3D effects, With the maps app, you can can use the dynamic perspective functionality to take a peek around landmarks or get a quick look at things like Yelp reviews on a locale..

In the less-practical but still-awesome department comes souped-up lock screen images, which use the dynamic perspective 3D effect to, well, look cool. There's only one camera on the rear, but it isn't exactly resting on its laurels. The 13MP rear-facing camera offers a an f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilization -- complete with tiny motors that Amazon claims will correct much of the motion blur from hand-shake. Amazon is also offering unlimited cloud storage for all of the photos that you take with the phone, an awesome offer for shutterbugs.

A souped-up home carousel view gives you access to iphone screen protector reduce sensitivity an app's important details, without requiring you to actually open the app: think of them as the Fire Phone's widgets, Use the carousel view to quickly respond to messages, listening to music through audio apps and more -- all without leaving the home screen, All of Amazon certainly has stepped up to the plate, with Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, and more coming along for the ride, You can also always get to your content the old-fashioned way, via the traditional grid o' apps, Amazon's FireOS hasn't strayed too far from the rest of the smartphone pack here..

Up on top of the phone, you'll find the headphone jack, the lock button, and the first of two stereo speakers. Tucked under the phone are a Micro-USB 2.0 port, the microphone and the second speaker. The Fire Phone is just 0.35-inch thick and weighs 5.64 ounces -- beefier than an iPhone 5s (0.3-inch, 3.95 ounces), but not dramatically so. That's the dedicated camera and Firefly button, right underneath the volume buttons. Use it to take a photo or track down that obscure poster you saw on your colleague's wall.

Dynamic Perspective enables the phone to display a 3D-like interface that lends more depth and engagement to graphics and responds to user movement, Four years in the making, Amazon achieved iphone screen protector reduce sensitivity this feature by installing four specialized cameras with a wider field of view in the front of the device to track a user's head at all times, These cameras are located on the four corners of the device, and in conjunction with a center camera, they find a user's eyes, a process known as "stereovision." They are low-powered and include infrared LEDs so they can function in absolute darkness, At any given time, a minimum of two of these cameras work together to bring features like auto web-page scrolling and one-handed gestures to the device, For gameplay, users can tilt the display to gain new viewing angles..

Amazon also released a software development kit for developers looking to build apps that take advantage of Dynamic Perspective. The phone itself will be available July 25 starting at $199 on-contract with AT&T exclusively. Amazon's newly announced Fire phone handset sports a unique 3D "Dynamic Perspective" feature made possible by several cameras that track user movement. Confirming long-standing rumors that Amazon would release a smartphone, the e-commerce giant unveiled its Fire phone handset today. The 4.7-inch device is equipped with a quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel camera, and a unique feature that the company calls "Dynamic Perspective."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Wait no, come back! This isn't the pop-out-of-the-screen 3D we've seen attempted to ill effect so often in the iphone screen protector reduce sensitivity past, as Amazon is betting it can outdo those old attempts with something the company is calling Dynamic Perspective, Instead of creating the illusion that an object is coming right for you, you're given a, well, dynamic perspective on things, Look at a lockscreen picture of a forest, or egyptian ruins, and you're given a chance to peer behind or around some of the objects on screen, For a more practical application, consider the maps: during the presentation, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tilted the phone to pan about the map, getting a better angle on details like a particular street's name, Tilt the phone gently, and you'll pull up Yelp info and reviews..

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