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"Most people will use it for things like checking the weather," Yehoshua said. "They don't know that you can ask, 'Do I need an umbrella today?'"Johann Schalkwyk, a lead staff software engineer on Google's voice-recognition team, discussed some of the myriad problems that Google is working to solve. "In order for this digital assistant to be part of your everyday life, it just has to work," he said. The problem is that's not always the case. Ambient noise, such as from your car if you're using it while zipping down a freeway, is one problem. Another is accents and unusual speaking patterns, such as those from children.

Google Now is about a year or two away from beginning to be able to recognize kids' speech, he said, an impressive prediction given the problems, Legally, there are issues with the retention of data from children, as covered in the US by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, But there are technological problems as well, "Speech and input modalities are very difficult" for the technology to recognize from children starting as young as 3 to around 10 iphone s case amazon years old, he said, "They're learning to enunciate better; they don't always speak grammatically; they yell at the phone; they hyper-enunciate -- 'DIE-no-saur.'"Despite the problems, Schalkwyk believes Google's progress in voice recognition will solve current woes sooner rather than later..

"It's going to be five years, maybe less, before my computer can recognize child speech as well as I can," Schalkwyk said. Although Google just announced that the recognition technology has gotten good enough to understand Indian accents, that still leaves a virtual tower of Babel misheard and misunderstood, and people using it frustrated. A third problem that Google has yet to solve is what Schalkwyk, a South African native, called a "far field environment." That's when the distance from the mouth of the person speaking to the microphone is too large for the technology to work well. Even the 6 to 9 feet between your couch and your TV can be too far for the tech to handle well.

Schalkwyk said that while Google is employing better and more microphones to capture a stronger audio signal, his division relies more heavily on research into "deep neural networks.""Recurrency, the input of one neuron that goes back and feeds upon itself, models dynamic signals in speech very well," he said, Basically, language modeling copies how the human brain picks up audio, iphone s case amazon "leading to pretty dramatic breakthroughs, On top of that, if you just add a lot of data, that's very useful."Despite all the advanced scientific research that goes into Google telling you if you need an umbrella today, voice recognition still has a long way to go..

Schalkwyk confirmed what many Google users have already figured out: Google Now doesn't do well with names, especially those of places and restaurants. Some of that will be fixed as Google builds its knowledge graph, its database filled with facts about the real world and the connections between them. There's also a problem with what can be charitably called the "dork factor." It's just not particularly cool to talk to your phone anymore, and even less so when a robotic voice answers you back. Yehoshua said there are no plans to change the initiating phrase, "OK Google," or soften up the robotic timbre to the responses.

"There are going to be environments where voice is better, and there are environments where you want to be more polite," iphone s case amazon she said, She declined to offer guidance on what those were, although she did note that voice search usage is high in countries like Japan where typing is not as easy as it is in English, As to the question of what to tell your kids when they ask Google instead of you why they can't have chocolate? Perhaps Google Now should tell them to eat their veggies, Follow CNET's Google I/O live blog and see all of today's Google I/O news..

Update on June 29 at 12:45 p.m. with news that Google has delayed the feature release date until later during the summer of 2014. Google's personal assistant can understand you as you switch from your native tongue to a second or even third language, a milestone more difficult than you might think. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- OK, Google. Why can't I have chocolate?. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

On Wednesday, Google showed off the LG G Watch , Samsung Gear Live, iphone s case amazon and Moto 360 smartwatches running its software, The $229 watch from LG and the $199 Samsung device will be available for preorder in the Google Play Store today, while Motorola's watch will launch later in the summer, The LG and Samsung watches will be in consumers' hands July 7, Google provided a demo of voice commands, notifications, and other actions on the devices from LG and Motorola during the keynote at its Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, David Singleton, director of engineering for Google, said that Android Wear devices will be available with both rectangular and circular screens and will come in a "wide variety of fashionable designs." The models from LG and Samsung both feature square displays, while Motorola's is round..

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