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How soon are those updates coming?. Singleton: There will be several before the end of the year. You'll see one come out [this] week where we'll be able to improve the navigation experience and some of the voice action experience. When Google updates Android on phones, the company first has to wait for wireless carriers to test the software before it can ship. With Wear, since carriers aren't involved, you'll be able to push updates without waiting. Can you talk about taking that different approach?.

Singleton: We really don't think about it particularly differently, We've been working with all of our partners to make sure we can keep bringing functionality through, whether it's through device updates or through Google Play Services, We're using exactly the same mechanisms here, It really is Android, and the Android model, Specifically for wearables, we realized as a category, we're pretty early, So it's really the intention to do those as frequently as we need, One of the things competitors always bring up when they try to knock Android is to say it is fragmented, For wearables, does having a bit more control over updates iphone case trendy serve to address that?..

Lockheimer: I think the key point is that it is a new product category. And the needs are different. Phones and tablets are much more mature, from a technology perspective. It's much more understood how people use it. And people's expectations are more firm. Whereas wearables, as David was saying, is a completely new category. We just want to be able to iterate very very quickly. This happened also, by the way, on phones. I've been doing this since 2006 at Google. In the early days of Android, there were many more releases of Android, more often. We still innovate very rapidly on the phone side, but it's not as rapid as in 2008, for instance, or 2009. I think you're going to see the same trend here. We're going to much more rapidly iterate here.

There's fewer players involved too, [Wireless] operators aren't really involved here, We're working with a select number of [hardware partners], In this case, since we do have this infrastructure, the manufacturers decided that, since you guys already did it, we'll just keep using what you've made, That aspect of it is almost an implementation detail, I don't think it's a big policy thing or anything like that, [Updating Android on phones and tablets] is a big pipeline of work, Many companies are involved, And many schedules need to line up and things like that, And it's a lot simpler on watches, Not just on operators, but there are different things on that pipeline that just don't iphone case trendy exist, And it really simplifies the whole pipeline and makes it possible for us as an industry to push these updates out a lot quicker..

How many developers are using Android Wear?. Singleton: We have literally seen thousands of applications updated in the Play store to have Android Wear support. I just was playing with an app at my desk, which is pretty awesome. It allows you to play guitar with your watch. [He demonstrates by strumming his hand in front of his Moto 360 smartwatch, set to launch later this week.] You have your phone on your desk, and it's got a speaker. And you can strum your watch. And obviously, that's a bit of a gimmick, but there are lots of apps out there.

And we're actually beginning iphone case trendy to see some of the services people use the most bringing in Android Wear support, So, for instance, Facebook Messenger has support for voice replies, The beta version of Whatsapp Messenger has similar functionality, So it's really exciting to start to see really deep engagement with the platform, Lockheimer: The guitar thing is interesting, Singleton: We never would have thought of that, How do you encourage hardware partners to experiment with sensors?, Singleton: Sensors are the key way we think there will be both innovation in this space, and some of these devices will be different from each other, One of the things we set out to do when we set out developing the platform was to make it possible for a manufacturer to bring any sensor they could find to the platform, And we've definitely seen real innovation there, It's been exciting to see devices come out that have optical heart rate sensors, but we're also seeing other technology in that space, and it will be really interesting to see some of those devices come to market..

We're also seeing people do interesting things with sensors like altitude and pressure. You can imagine a device that's particularly aimed around taking a hike. Or skiing. It's a great way to track how far you've skied or descended in a day. Those were not sensors that, at the outset of this project, we really thought were core and important. But no we see they are really unique use cases. It's our absolute core goal to enable any sensor technology to work with the platform. Lockheimer: Also, we announced this thing called Google Fit [a platform for developers to consolidate fitness metrics, with users' permission]. So we'll have this service that really integrates all these sensors and give you a holistic view of what's happening to your body, or yours surrounding, or whatever it is.

What flexibility iphone case trendy will manufacturers have to modify the Wear software?, Singleton: When we designed the software, we tried to figure out, what were the ways that it was going to be important for manufacturers to add their own flavor to their device, So it's pretty flexible, Like I said, they can add any sensors, And at the hardware layer, we're really following all patterns we have for the Android platform that make it very flexible, And we've seen that they're able to update things quickly and pretty easily..

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