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For example, my seventh-grade music class had the classics crammed down our ears by a well-meaning teacher who forced us to hear record after record of Mozart, Schubert and a host of other high-level composers or else. Not recognizing “Aida” or “La Traviota” lowered a fellow’s grades drastically …. So I promised myself that once I was out of there, I’d never listen to the stodgy stuff again. About eight years later, however, a knowledgeable young lady came into my life — briefly, for an hour or so, causing that wall of musical prejudice to crumble.

It occurred in January 1944, World War II time, Eight of us Army Air Corps guys were on our way from Biloxi, Mississippi, to Radio Tech School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, how to sew freed pointe shoes with an overnight layover in Chicago, During the war, that “City of Big Shoulders” had a USO building 12 stories high, The top three had dorms where servicemen could stay, but it also devoted an entire floor to musical recordings, That’s where that young lady came in, Feeling awkward over my ignorance of anything classic, I asked the young volunteer at the record counter about a musical number our high school orchestra played when my class graduated from Oakland Tech, “It went something like this: Dat dat dadyada de yadda de daddyada dah.” How’s that for feeling stupid?”..

Amazingly, however, despite my so-so voice and flat tones, she knew it: “Oh, that’s ‘Pavane’ by Morton Gould. I’ll get it for you.”. She returned with three record albums suggesting that, if I liked Pavane, I might also enjoy listening to the other two. They were “Dance Macabre” by Saint-Sans and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture.”. She was right. Those recordings pushed me into a world of enjoyment containing concertos, symphonies and operas for the rest of my life. I have no idea who she was, but she was one smart young woman and a good prejudice destroyer.

Someone else had previously changed how to sew freed pointe shoes my thinking about certain literature when I was a senior at Oakland Tech, One lunchtime, my track coach, Gil Callies, saw me carrying a rather thick book, “What’s that you’re reading, Joe?”, “It’s Shakespeare,” I replied, “And I hate it.”, His answer surprised me, “Oh? I took a course in Shakespeare in college and I really liked his plays.”, “Hmm,” I wondered, “Callies is a normal person and he says he likes Shakespeare, Maybe I’m missing something.” Then, since I liked coach Callies, I began to like what he liked — Shakespeare, Simple as that..

But the wooing abruptly ended Tuesday when Prime abandoned its $843 million deal with Daughters because the Ontario-based company believes the conditions imposed by Attorney General Kamala Harris were too harsh. So the county — which had been rebuffed last year from buying both O’Connor Hospital in San Jose and Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy — quickly returned as a suitor. The county may be surprised to learn, however, that some employees and patients of the two hospitals aren’t exactly welcoming the county’s advances.

To them, the image of the county’s Valley Medical Center is “the hospital of last resort,” crowded with mostly low-income residents, plagued with government bureaucracy and long waiting times for patient care, “I would move my dad’s care if the county buys O’Connor — he’s not staying here,” said Georgyan Ghilarducci, 57, who on Wednesday was escorting her 80-year-old father, John Lewis, into the hospital how to sew freed pointe shoes for his weekly chemotherapy treatment..

Like others interviewed Wednesday, Ghilarducci said she based her opinion on what she’s heard from others who have gone to VMC for medical treatment. “There’s a stigma,” said Ghilarducci, whose father echoed another sentiment uttered by his daughter and others. “The county is like … for the poor.”. Some employees also weren’t thrilled about the county’s plans. “I ask you: Would you take your family member to VMC if they were in a critical situation?” said Veronica Diaz, 39, who has worked at O’Connor for the past 15 years and helps admit patients to the hospital.

“I just don’t think Valley would be a good fit for us,” Diaz said, At O’Connor, she said “we get how to sew freed pointe shoes a lot of their overflow” patients who, she said, complain about waiting for hours at VMC to be seen by a doctor, Mitra Zadeh, a 43-year-old registered nurse at O’Connor who has worked in the labor and delivery area, said if the county “just keeps it the same as it is, we don’t mind.”, But that’s unlikely to happen, said Bay Area hospital consultant Walter Kopp..

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