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Inspired by the book, Goode’s ambitious new work, “Poetics of Space,” runs from Sept. 23 through Oct. 11 at the annex. With a labyrinthine set design by Sean Riley, it’s a stream-of-consciousness production that invites small groups of audience members to investigate the various rooms in the order they choose, where they encounter dancers performing in intimate quarters. “I was looking for our own space to do this kind of work, a space that can be built out … for small audiences and interactive productions,” Goode says. “With our own space, we can do work that’s durationally different, that could run for a long period of time, which is very difficult to do with rentals. I feel like this is the exciting frontier of performance work, with breath-to-breath engagement and close proximity to dancing. It’s not something most people get to experience.”.

Goode discovered Bachelard’s book several years ago while touring with his company in Jackson, Wyoming, On a day off, he was browsing in a junk store when he came across it, “I found these amazing sentences,” he says, “and I started to realize that every time I’ve had a revelation, it’s the space that I remember, I started to think that space is somehow a participant in the phenomenal moment.”, The rooms Goode and Riley have created for “Poetics of Space” have names like The Nest, The Corner and how to buy ballet shoes The Drawer, Performances will be positioned throughout the spaces, Audience members will move through the installation, experiencing the program in their own order..

The company has rented a neighboring area that will serve as a preshow gathering space for audience members, where an introduction will be presented and they can enjoy a beverage. “There are at least 20 distinct spaces — spaces that can accommodate small groups and spaces that can only fit one or two,” Goode says. “The idea is that this journey you take through the piece is for intimate moments, and everyone’s going to have a different journey. A corner makes us feel differently than an elevated plateau. Working within those physical parameters, we’re also telling a narrative of how you move through life, how you choose your space, how you choose to live.”.

Since founding the company in 1986, Goode has been at the forefront of the Bay Area’s dance-theater community, creating emotionally evocative works incorporating drama, music and elliptical narratives, Works such as “Hometown,” “Fall Within” and “When We Fall Apart” have pushed at the boundaries of dance theater, while earning the company numerous awards and commissions, The timing for “Poetics of Space” seems particularly apt, given the disruptions how to buy ballet shoes being caused these days by skyrocketing rents and housing prices, When Goode arrived in the Bay Area in the early 1980s, he was delighted to find it a bohemian city far removed from Manhattan’s obsession with real estate..

“Everyone seemed to live in these amazing Victorian spaces, and no one had a full-time job,” he says. “It was delightful. It was rude to ask what someone did. Instead, you asked what they were into. “I see that changing, slipping away,” he adds. “None of my dancers lives in the city. I can’t afford to live in the city; I live in Berkeley. It takes some of the poetry out of the space when you see a garden or a courtyard and, instead of just experiencing it, you immediately wonder how much it costs.”.

The musical tells the story of a love triangle between enslaved Nubian princess Aida, Egyptian princess Amneris and the soldier they both love, Radames, “We think our audiences will love this show,” said director Joel Schlader, an Alameda resident, “It’s a big, epic story with lots of compelling characters in thrilling situations, And Elton John’s music is a wonderful pastiche of different musical styles ranging from pop to how to buy ballet shoes gospel to African and Indian.”, Composer and pop star Elton John wrote the music for “Aida,” while Tim Rice created the lyrics; the team based their musical on Giuseppe Verdi’s 1871 opera of the same name, After it opened on Broadway in 2000, the show went on to win four Tony Awards, a Drama Desk Award and a Grammy Award for the cast album, The popular show played for nearly 2,000 performances and included appearances by stars like Toni Braxton and Michelle Williams..

“This is definitely a pop version of the story that was in the opera, and it’s full of conflict between the Egyptians and Nubians, as well as a love story, lots of family intrigue … and outlandish costumes,” said managing director Harriet Schlader, who lives in Montclair. “It’s certainly something for the family to enjoy — especially kids who are 10 and up.”. The East Bay show features 35 cast members and a live professional orchestra. Michael Horsley is its musical director, and Montclair-native Jody Jaron (who now lives in Rutherford, N.J.) is in charge of the choreography.

Majesty Scott of Dublin plays the title role of the Nubian princess, Professional performers James Bock of New York and Megan Gallup of San Francisco appear in the respective roles of Radames and Amneris, Among the cast’s East Bay performers are ensemble members Natalie Fong and Christina Owens, “The dance scenes are so powerful,” said Fong, a 22-year-old Grand Lake resident who has been performing in the musicals at Woodminster since she was 12, “We all come together and connect in ‘The Gods Love Nubia.’ The movement and singing resonate and create such how to buy ballet shoes a bond between us.”..

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