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Current lidar systems, including units from Velodyne Inc mounted on Apple’s fleet of self-driving test vehicles, use laser light pulses to render precise images of the environment around the car. But the systems can cost $100,000 and use mechanical parts to sweep the laser scanners across the road. That makes them too bulky and prone to failure for use in mass-produced vehicles. The shortcomings have spurred $1 billion in investment at dozens of startups and mature companies alike to make lidar smaller, cheaper and more robust.

Apple’s interest in next-generation lidar sensors comes as it has sharply increased its road testing while bringing on key hires from Tesla Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google, It remains unclear whether the goal of Apple’s Project Titan is to build its own vehicle or supply the hardware and software elements of self-driving car while pairing with a partner for the entire vehicle, But what is clear from Apple’s interest in cheaper lidar systems is that it wants to control the “perception stack” of sensors, computers and software to drive an autonomous vehicle, regardless of gucci cufflinks amazon who makes the vehicle, another person familiar with the talks said, The three people familiar with the talks declined to be identified because the discussions are not public..

In addition to evaluating potential outside suppliers, Apple is believed to have its own internal lidar sensor under development, two of the people said. Alphabet-owned Waymo has taken a similar path, assembling a sensor and computer system while inking deals to buy vehicles from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Apple gets “a lot of optionality by working on the perception stack,” said the second person familiar with the talks. “Bringing a passenger car to the market is really, really hard, and there’s no reason right now they need to jump into it.”.

The designs Apple is seeking could potentially be made with conventional semiconductor manufacturing techniques, all four people familiar with the talks said, That has the potential to lower prices from the many thousands to the gucci cufflinks amazon hundreds of dollars as the sensors are produced in larger numbers, similar to chips in phones and other devices, Apple also wants sensors that can see several hundred meters (yards) down the road, The long-distance requirement shows Apple is interested in fully self-driving vehicles, versus the more limited features such as adaptive cruise control used today, two people familiar with the matter said..

“They’re not happy with most of what they see,” the first person familiar with the matter said. “They’re looking for a revolutionary design.”. A third person familiar with the matter said Apple is seeking a “design-oriented” sensor that would be sleek and unobtrusive enough to fit into the overall lines of a vehicle. Apple declined to comment. Apple once investigated building its own vehicle. The company had a team of more than a dozen engineers dedicated to detailed work such as ensuring doors closed quietly instead of slamming shut, a fourth person briefed on the matter said.

Apple last year re-hired Doug Field, an Apple veteran who was serving as Tesla’s engineering chief, to work on Project Titan, The project has about 1,200 people, according gucci cufflinks amazon to a count in court documents, Field has been putting his stamp on the effort, laying off about 190 workers but also bringing on key hires such as Michael Schwekutsch, who oversaw electric drive train technology at Telsa, Apple also ramped up its testing miles in California, driving nearly 80,000 last year compared to 800 the year before..

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Aeva Inc, a startup company founded by former Apple Inc engineers Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk, has signed a sensor-system deal with an Audi-owned unit that is working on self-driving technology for Volkswagen AG. Aeva said on Wednesday that Audi’s AID-Autonomous Intelligent Driving unit, a “center of excellence” for Volkswagen autonomous driving efforts, will be using its lidar sensor on its so-called “e-tron” development fleet vehicles in Munich, Germany.

The lidar units help give cars a three-dimensional view of the road, Audi’s AID said it will use the sensors to help develop its so-called robo-taxis, which aim to autonomously ferry passengers around urban areas in the next few years, Aeva last year raised $45 million in venture funding led by Lux Capital and Canaan, Alexandre Haag, AID’s chief technology officer, told Reuters in an interview that his unit was drawn to Aeva’s technology because it can generate a 3-D map gucci cufflinks amazon of the environment around a vehicle, as well as measure the velocity of objects around the car in real time..

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