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But despite the hard work obviously put in by the cast in preparation, the actual show is somewhat tiresome for local audiences. Liverpool accents used by the actors make many lyrics and scenes difficult to understand. Also, it is hard for people seeing the show for the first time to get used to adults playing all of the children’s roles. “Blood Brothers” portrays serious societal class problems inherent in British culture. American class systems are usually based on race and/or ethnicity. Apparently, in England, class problems are more general.

The play opens with Mrs, Johnstone (played by Donna Turner) cleaning the living room of her employer, wealthy Mrs, Lyons (Amber Sommerfeld), We are told that Mrs, Johnstone’s husband has recently left her, but Mrs, Johnstone has just heard that she is pregnant again, She already has seven children, Mrs, Lyons complains that she is unable to conceive, When she hears that her maid is going to bear twins, she quickly comes up with a suggestion: give one of the twins to her, So freed pointe shoes brown the two boys are genetically equal, but one is living in poverty while the other is raised by a wealthy couple..

We meet the 8-year-old boy raised by Mrs. Johnstone — Mickey — played by a mature Michael Scott Wells. He jumps about as a child might picture the movements of a movie cowboy. He is soon joined by the boy who is his unknown twin, Eddie (Nathan Brown). The two boys quickly become friends. Other children join them and they move more and more intensely, working into a joyful dance choreographed by Rick Wallace. As “Blood Brothers” progresses, the twins at the age of 14 go to a serious school. Eddie has the background of a cultured family, while Mickey does not. Ultimately, Eddie is hired to a prestigious job while his twin must return to his government subsidized housing.

As an unemployed adult, Mickey reluctantly agrees to join his brother (Sean Fenton) in a robbery, He is caught and imprisoned for several years in a prison that uses psychological procedures and drugs on its inmates, When Mickey is released, he has become a mere sleepwalker, When the twins meet again, they argue about the girl they both love, Linda (Katie Robbins), Their argument becomes so violent that Mrs, Johnstone freed pointe shoes brown has to intervene, She tells them that they are brothers, split at birth, Every character, including walk-ons, plays his or her role superbly, although the Liverpool accents have been acquired, often making it difficult to understand their spoken lines, Adults playing children is challenge for the audience as well..

Musician and arranger Michael Pens is the Terra Nova band director, which includes leading the marching band at the home football games, competitions, rallies, in the Fog Fest parade and at all other marching band events. (Terra Nova’s concert/symphonic, jazz and pep bands are also under the Pens baton.). “Three years ago we brought Eric Lopez on board to work with our color guard,” Pens said. “He works with them in the fall for our field shows and choreographs all of their performances. This year he wanted to start a winter guard.”.

Winter guard is an indoor performance that is accompanied by pre-recorded music as opposed to a marching band, Winter guards compete independently in winter guard circuits, “I’ve been reluctant to do winter guard because of time issues,” Pens said, “Spring is already so busy with our musical, regular concerts, fundraisers, plus graduation, But because Eric was willing to design it and do all the work — this year was the perfect time.”, Lopez chose minimalist classical music, layered by narrative which discussed the works by the famous Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian as the performance piece of Terra Nova’s Winter Guard, The members of winter guard began rehearsing in December, every Tuesday night for several hours, and every Saturday as well, The result is jaw-dropping, an exquisite ballet of movement, dance, grace freed pointe shoes brown and dexterity which makes use of the color guard flag and replica elite rifle, Terra Nova’s Winter Guard competed with local high schools in the same division, These high schools included: American, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, Mission San Jose, Concord, Foothill, Granada and Livermore, Competitions took place on March 7 at Vallejo High School, with two competitions on March 14 at Livermore High School and Granada High School (both in Livermore), Terra Nova’s Winter Guard took 1st place at all three competitions..

“We are so proud of our winter guard,” Pens said. “And they are proud too. They put a lot of work into a big commitment. Their first season was hugely successful.”. “First season?” Is the band director implying there will be more seasons?. “Of course there will,” Pens laughed. “Once they are in we just keep going.”. To view this extremely talented team of dedicated individuals, visit the Terra Nova Winter Guard winning performance at Granada High school at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy-xOwLQA20.

Tues, 2 – 11:15 a.m, Raoul’s Revue-It’s Spring already and it’s time to celebrate! This show has spring all over it, including Easter, with costumes, music and song and dance, Come one, come all, Mon, 6 – Pet Visit with Mollie, she is a Long Haired Dacshund, in the senior freed pointe shoes brown lounge 10:30 a.m, She is so soft, Wed, 8 – Ukulele Concert; it’s the Coastside Strummers, Thurs, 9 – Wellness Talk with David Weigert at 11:45 a.m, You’re never too old to learn something new..

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