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Now, after a crewed SpaceShipTwo test flight to space in December 2018 and another carrying a test passenger in February, Virgin Galactic is inching closer to commercial flight. Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket has reached space but its first human spaceflight is still targeted for this year, and it has not determined a ticket price or when it will begin taking reservations. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is also in the race: last year it named Japanese fashion magnate Yusaku Maezawa as its first customer on a voyage around the moon, tentatively scheduled for 2023.

Virgin Galactic knew that the price tag for its flights, sold in advance to prove that there was a healthy market when there was a product to deliver, would father of the bride cufflinks photo require providing customer service during the wait, “Right from the start it was obvious to me that if we were going to have customers and we were accepting fairly large deposits, we were going to need to communicate regularly with those people,” said Attenborough, It was not clear how long the wait for tourist spaceflights might be, with Branson’s timelines shifting: In 2004, Virgin was saying it would offer commercial spaceflights by 2007, By 2012, the plan was 2013..

As deadlines whizzed by, the future astronaut program evolved, organizing group trips from the Farnborough Air Show to the ‘Cradle of Humankind’ fossil site in South Africa. “That is something that they tapped into and wised up to really early,” said Trevor Beattie, a ticketholder and UK advertising executive working on Virgin Galactic’s marketing campaign. “They created, quite deliberately, a sense of community.”. For some, access to Branson himself upped the experience.

“Isn’t it funny how the wine tastes better when you know the winemaker?” said Matthew Upchurch, a ticket holder and the CEO of Virtuoso, a travel agency network with exclusive rights to sell Virgin Galactic flights in North America, The biggest test of this carefully built customer community came in 2014, when a test flight crash killed the co-pilot and seriously injured the pilot, “I remember very well waking up very early on Saturday morning after the Friday accident and wondering what would happen to this father of the bride cufflinks photo customer base,” Attenborough said..

The company reached out to customers by email on the day of the crash, both before and after the co-pilot’s death was known. There was a blog post from Branson on that day, and later, a video message. A subsequent email from the astronaut relations team said that they planned to call every customer individually. “That was obviously a horrendous day for everybody,” said Branson, adding that his experience of a fatal 2007 Virgin Trains crash in which an elderly woman was killed meant he knew it was important to get to the scene of the test flight accident and “take these things head on.”.

In the end, Attenborough said only a “handful” father of the bride cufflinks photo of customers asked for refunds, An email seen by Reuters from the astronaut relations team three weeks after the crash said it would soon share a program of upcoming activities and trips, It advertised some “gold-dust-like spots” for a “star Galactic team” at the London Marathon – some of the sponsorship money would now go to a memorial fund for the co-pilot who was killed, After consulting with customers, the company went ahead with one of its planned annual Virgin Galactic trips to Necker Island just a few weeks after the crash..

(This April 11 story has been refilled to add dropped word ‘part of’ in headline). (Reuters) - Campbell Soup Co is nearing a deal to sell its fresh food unit's Bolthouse Farms for about $500 million to a group led by the former chief executive officer of the brand, the Wall Street Journal reported here on Thursday. Former Bolthouse Chief Executive Officer Jeff Dunn, who was leading the group of investors, is working with private-equity firm Butterfly Equity and has entered into exclusive talks with the U.S. food company for Campbell’s fresh food unit, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

The Journal in a previous version of the report said that Campbell was nearing a deal father of the bride cufflinks photo to sell its fresh food unit, including Bolthouse Farms, Campbell had bought the Bolthouse unit for $1.55 billion in 2012, The two sides could announce a deal as early as Friday, but a deal is not guaranteed as the board has not signed off on it, the report added, A Campbell spokesman declined to comment, The company’s international unit, along with its fresh food business, has been up for sale since August after Campbell was pressured by investors to boost its profitability and stock performance..

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