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Zhang’s supervisor called Apple security officials, who discovered that Zhang had run extensive searches of secret databases and had come on to Apple’s campus on April 28, when he was supposed to be on paternity leave, the complaint alleged. While on campus, the complaint alleges, Zhang took circuit boards and a computer server from a self-driving car hardware lab, and his Apple co-workers showed him a “proprietary chip.”. XMotors said in a statement on Wednesday that it is “highly concerned” and that “there is no indication that (Zhang) has ever communicated any sensitive information from Apple to XMotors.”.

It added that it terminated ebay cufflinks Zhang’s employment and is currently cooperating with U.S, authorities to gather more details on the case, The complaint did not state whether the chip was intended for self-driving cars, About 5,000 of Apple’s 135,000 employees were allowed access to information about its self-driving car project, but only 2,700 of them had access to the secret databases that Zhang had access to, according to the complaint, Zhang told Apple officials he had taken the hardware from the lab because he wanted to transfer to a new position within Apple and thought it would be useful to him, the complaint said..

Zhang also allegedly downloaded data to a personally owned computer, including a 25-page secret blueprint of a circuit board for a self-driving car, which investigators described as “the single file” that “serves as the basis for the instant criminal charge.”. FBI agents questioned Zhang and served a search warrant at his house on June 27, according to the complaint. Agents learned he had purchased a “last-minute” round-trip airline ticket for China on July 7 and arrested Zhang at the airport, according to the complaint.

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S, securities regulator has shelved a proposed Obama-era reform that would have given shareholders in companies more freedom to vote for their preferred candidates during contested board elections, people with direct knowledge of the ebay cufflinks matter told Reuters, The proposal made by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) two weeks before President Donald Trump’s election victory would have changed how shareholders vote during activist investor-led fights for board seats, an issue that has divided companies and investors for years..

SEC officials have said publicly in recent months that the proposed rule-change remains a priority, raising hopes among activist investors who have pushed for changes, including Pershing Square Capital Management’s William Ackman, that the SEC will finalize and implement the rule soon. However, several people familiar with the matter told Reuters the Commission’s new boss Jay Clayton has in fact shelved the proposal, in what will be a disappointment for many investors who say the current system favors company management in board fights.

Right now, shareholders voting remotely have to choose from a full slate of board directors nominated by the management or a competing set of nominees provided by an activist investor, Unlike in many countries such as Canada and Australia, U.S, investors cannot mix and match from these competing lists unless they send a representative to vote in person at the annual meeting, According to the SEC, the vast majority of votes in the United States are cast remotely, so such constraints can influence ebay cufflinks who ultimately ends up controlling the board and company strategy..

Activist investors say the present system works against them because shareholders are more likely to play it safe and vote for the management list, even if they like some of the activists’ candidates. Companies say changing the rules would spark more disruptive and harmful activist-led fights. In October 2016, the SEC under Clayton’s predecessor Mary Jo White proposed the so-called “universal proxy” rule allowing shareholders to remotely vote from a mix-and-match list. But Trump’s victory subsequently saw the Republican party, which is eager to loosen rules it says are deterring firms from going public, take over the SEC with Republican Commissioner Michael Piwowar becoming acting chair in January 2017 until Clayton’s appointment in May 2017.

The people, who declined to be named because internal SEC discussions are private, said the “universal proxy” proposal was dead for the foreseeable future, They said it was unlikely Clayton, a political independent who leans toward the right, would support the rule given he has said his priority is to boost company listings, While Piwowar, who strongly opposed the rule, finished his term this month, ebay cufflinks Clayton’s vote would likely still be necessary to finalize the changes, one of the people said..

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