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“We were all thrilled to see lifetime sales of a single iPhone model reaching 100 million units,” a source at another Apple parts supplier said. “Supplying components for just one model in massive volume is extremely cost-efficient,” he said. “At the same time, we exposed ourselves to huge volatility risks.”. Japan Display has built relationships with other smartphone vendors, including Chinese powerhouses Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO. But it is losing their orders too as sales growth softens and the Chinese players switch to domestic panel makers such as BOE Technology and Tianma Microelectronics, which have sharply improved the quality of their screens.

Japan Display supplied almost a third of Huawei’s smartphone screens in 2015, but its share had plunged to 4 percent by the third quarter last buy gold cufflinks year as the Chinese company turned to BOE and Tianma, according to researcher IHS Markit, Sources at Japan Display and other Apple suppliers interviewed for the story declined to be identified as they are not authorised to talk to the media, Suppliers rarely speak about business with Apple on the record because of strict non-disclosure agreements, NON-APPLE BUSINESSES..

Japan Display was formed in 2012 in a government-backed merger of the ailing display units of Sony Corp, Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd. It boasts strength in so-called thin-film transistor technology (TFT), crucial for making high-resolution images on both LCD and OLED panels. In addition to its Apple business, which accounted for more than half the company’s revenue over the last four years, it’s a top supplier of dashboard panels for major automotive component companies such as Continental.

But Japan Display has struggled to navigate the fast-changing display business, Its new LCD factory was still under construction when Apple informed Japan Display in autumn 2015 that it planned to move quickly away from LCD to the newer OLED technology, two former company officials said, It was too costly by then to abandon the half-completed buy gold cufflinks plant, one of them said, Japan Display’s management at the time, led by former Sanyo Electric executive Mitsuru Homma, promised to start mass-production of OLED panels by 2018..

In the meantime, the management shut down older, unprofitable LCD lines to shift resources to OLED, but its main investor, a state-backed fund, blocked plans for drastic job cuts for fear of public backlash, one of the former officials said. Unexpectedly weak sales of the iPhone 6s created a cash crunch in 2016, and Homma resigned early the next year after the company took a $640 million bailout from the state-backed fund. The new chief executive, Nobuhiro Higashiiriki, declared a full-on shift to OLED. But the company was already behind rivals, notably Samsung Electronics, and still needed more cash for OLED investment. Disappointing sales of the iPhone XR, the only LCD model in Apple’s 2018 lineup, were yet another blow.

“The company now looks exhausted, with many engineers leaving,” one former employee said, Some board members have expressed concerns about technology transfer that may follow the proposed Chinese investment, sources familiar with the talks said, But the government investment fund has run out of patience, “We don’t have any other option,” one of the company sources said, adding that the government has been quiet about buy gold cufflinks the bailout plan, “They could argue that display technologies are not something Japan must keep and protect, when Chinese panel makers are ramping up more display plants.”..

WASHINGTON/JAKARTA (Reuters) - Boeing Co plans to offer as standard a safety feature that might have warned earlier of problems that possibly played a role in the crashes of Ethiopian and Indonesian planes that killed almost 350 people, two officials briefed on the matter said on Thursday. Boeing will mandate a previously optional cockpit warning light as part of a software update to the 737 MAX fleet that was grounded in the wake of the fatal crashes, said the officials, who asked not to be identified.

The March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed all 157 on board has set off one of the widest inquiries in aviation history and cast a shadow over the Boeing MAX model intended to be a buy gold cufflinks standard for decades, Initial investigations show similarities between the Ethiopian crash and the Indonesian accident in October that killed all 189 crew and passengers, A direct link between the crashes has not been proven, but attention has focused on an automated flight-control system, MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), that came into service two years ago with the MAX..

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