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- Sources with knowledge of the doomed Lion Air cockpit voice recorder revealed how pilots scoured a manual in a losing battle to figure out why they were hurtling down to sea. - Communications showed that in the final moments, the Lion Air captain tried in vain to find the right procedure in the handbook, while the first officer was unable to control the plane. - Indonesia has advanced the date for the release of its report on the Lion Air crash to between July and August, versus a previous schedule of between August and September.

- Boeing’s commercial airplane division has brought in a new vice president of engineering while dedicating another top executive to the aircraft investigations, a company email showed, - Boeing plans to release upgraded software for its 737 MAX in a week to 10 days, sources familiar with the bmw cufflinks matter said on March 16, - U.S, lawmakers said the planes could be grounded for weeks to upgrade and install the software in every plane, Other countries may ground the planes even longer, - The U.S, Transportation Department’s inspector general plans to audit the FAA’s certification of the jet, an official with the office said on Tuesday, The office can recommend changes or improvements to how the FAA operates..

- The U.S. Justice Department is also looking at the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) oversight of Boeing, one of the people said. The FAA has said it is “absolutely” confident in its vetting. - The chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives transportation committee and another key Democrat asked the Transportation Department’s inspector general to examine key decisions the FAA made in certifying the MAX jet for use. - U.S. President Donald Trump will nominate former Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson to head the FAA, the White House said.

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The dreams of the two young men soared as high as the Ethiopian Airlines planes they proudly flew, Handsome, cosmopolitan Yared Getachew was to marry another plane captain this year, Studious, bmw cufflinks serious Ahmednur Mohammed rented his first apartment with his maiden paycheck in February, Their lives, along with 155 others, ended when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 plunged into a field moments after take-off in a still unexplained disaster, Yared, 29, was captain; Ahmednur, 25, his first officer..

Yared was a popular and brilliant student who became the airline’s youngest ever captain at 27, said his father Getachew Tessema, a retired plastic surgeon and dentist. He spoke to Reuters after a ceremony at the Kenyan embassy in Addis Ababa to honor the 32 Kenyan victims from the crash. Yared’s mother was Kenyan, making him a citizen of two nations. “I’m very bitter,” 80-year-old Getachew said, sitting hunched with his head in his hand as he reflected on Yared’s shattered marriage plans.

“At least if he had had a child,” he trailed off painfully as friends nodded in understanding, Yared’s brother Meno Getachew Tessema, 39, sat next to his father, sometimes putting an arm around him as the ceremony progressed, Yared visited Meno’s family in Toronto when the young pilot came to train on flight simulators in Miami twice in the past two years, By the time of the crash, Yared had amassed 8,100 hours of flying experience, the airline said, unusual at his age but no bmw cufflinks surprise to the family, They remembered him as a committed student who shone at school as a child in his mother’s native Kenya and as a teenager in his father’s home country Ethiopia..

He went straight into Ethiopian Airlines’ Aviation Academy after high school. “His dream was to be a pilot,” said Meno, a corporate lawyer. “He was diligent, hardworking, he had a consistent work ethic .. he was a rising star of Ethiopian Airlines.”. Sitting next to Yared in the cockpit on March 10 was Ahmednur Mohammed. While the pair’s professionalism has been lauded, air safety experts fear they - and pilots in a similar crash in Indonesia in October - may not have been sufficiently versed in a new automated anti-stall system in the Boeing 737 MAX series.

The middle of three sons of a small business owner, friends from the sleepy eastern city of Dire Dawa remember Ahmednur as bmw cufflinks unusually driven to study when others would spend afternoons relaxing in the shade, chewing the narcotic leaf qat, He spent five years at college studying his first love - architecture - where he earned the nickname 5-10 for his legendary 17-hour library stints, and received gentle ribbing for the neatness of his room, Even as a student, Ahmednur’s skill earned him some small interior design commissions, friends said..

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