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It became untenable for Shell to stay in the project “and that was clear from the moment that Gazprom announced it was going to build the plant together with RusGazDobycha,” said one of the sources familiar with the project. A RusGazDobycha official did not respond to a request for comment. Asked if the presidential administration had any role in RusGazDobycha’s entry into the project, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said it was a question for the companies involved. The sudden shift in the project underlines the unpredictability of doing business in Russia — even for a firm like Shell with a long pedigree of successful cooperation. It also shows how Rotenberg’s business empire, focused mainly on construction and engineering, is expanding into the energy sector.

Shell said that its other joint projects in Russia — chief among them the Gazprom-led Sakhalin-2 LNG plant — would be unaffected by its exit from the Baltic LNG project, But Shell’s involvement in Sakhalin expires this month, Unless the Russian government decides to extend the Sakhalin deal, Shell’s portfolio of Russian projects will be left looking thin, The Russian government has given no indication as to whether it would extend Shell’s Sakhalin contract, One of the problems for Shell was that Rotenberg, a long-standing barrel cuff with cufflinks friend of Putin and his former judo training partner, was under sanctions and that created sanctions risks for Shell too, according to one of the sources close to Shell and the second source familiar with the project..

For Shell, partnering with a Rotenberg-linked firm was tantamount to “digging yourself your own sanctions grave,” said that source. But the other sources said the primary issue for Shell was the change in the configuration of the LNG project. RusGazDobycha is 100 percent-owned by a firm called National Gas Group (NGG), according to the Spark database, which collates official data from the tax agency and the state statistics agency. Until November 2016, Rotenberg had a 51 percent stake in NGG, the database shows. The majority owner of NGG now is Artyom Obolensky, who is also chairman of the board of SMP Bank, controlled by Arkady Rotenberg and his brother Boris.

A representative of Arkady Rotenberg, asked about the Baltic LNG project, said Rotenberg “has no interests in this barrel cuff with cufflinks business.”, The brothers were both added to the U.S, Treasury Department’s sanctions blacklist in March 2014, The sanctions designation stated that the brothers had amassed enormous amounts of wealth during the years of Putin’s rule, and that they had received high-price contracts to carry out work for Gazprom and the 2014 Winter Olympic games in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi..

WUHAN, China (Reuters) - Honda’s sales in China are likely to catch up with its sales in the United States within two to three years and the firm would like them to eventually overtake U.S. sales, the company’s chief executive said on Friday. Takahiro Hachigo made the comments to a small group of reporters after the official opening of a new plant in Wuhan. Hachigo said that the catch-up could happen “soon”, later clarifying to Reuters that he was referring to a two-to-three-year time period.

PARIS/LYON barrel cuff with cufflinks (Reuters) - A French court has ruled that Monsanto was liable for the sickness of a farmer who inhaled one of its weedkillers, in another legal setback for the Bayer-owned business over health claims, In the latest stage of a decade-long legal tussle, the appeals court in Lyon on Thursday found in favor of farmer Paul Francois’ claim that Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller had made him sick and that the product’s labeling had been inadequate, Francois, 55, says he suffered neurological problems, including memory loss, fainting and headaches, after accidentally inhaling Lasso in 2004 while working on his farm..

“Mr Francois justifiably concludes that the product, due to its inadequate labeling that did not respect applicable regulations, did not offer the level of safety he could legitimately expect,” the court said in its ruling. The latest verdict, however, did not determine compensation for the farmer, which will now be considered by another court in Lyon. Francois is seeking about 1 million euros ($1.1 million) in damages. Bayer, which acquired Monsanto in a $63 billion deal last year, said it was considering its legal options, including an appeal before France’s highest court.

The German chemicals group added that crop-protection products “do not pose a risk for human health if they are used according to the terms of use set out in their regulatory approval”, Mr Francois had won rulings against Monsanto in 2012 and 2015 before France’s top court overturned the decisions and ordered the new hearing in Lyon, “We are all happy to have won but it came at a heavy price,” Francois told reporters in Paris, “It’s a big sigh of relief, It’s been 12 years of fighting, 12 years during which I had barrel cuff with cufflinks to put my whole life on hold.”..

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